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Crack the Vault!

Coming April 3, KIX-92.1 gives you a chance to Crack the Vault and win $100,000!  Listen to “Mad Dog” Miller in the morning for more details.

Wheel of Meat

KIX-92.1 and Vowell’s Marketplace give you a chance to spin the wheel and win meat!  Ribeye Steaks, Wright’s Bacon, Boston Butt and more!  Listen to John “Mad Dog” Miller weekday mornings for your chance to spin “The Wheel of Meat.”

The Hometown Morning Show

Join Miller in the Morning for the Hometown Morning Show on KIX-92.1.  It’s the new fun way to wake up in the morning.  Weekdays 5am to 9am on KIX-92.1.

Fat Baby’s

Win Lunch at Fat Baby’s!

Win lunch at Fat Baby’s.  Each weekday, one of our birthday winners gets free lunch at Fat Baby’s.  Just call in your birthdays at 662-843-9292 and listen for your chance to win.  You can also submit birthdays and anniversaries by clicking on the link above.

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