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KIX Happenings


KIX Country Club Keychains

KIX Country Key chains are here!  Get yours at Harmony Family Entertainment Center in Western Plaza, Mosquito Burrito in downtown Cleveland, and This & That Consignment on East Sunflower Road.  Show your key chain for special deals at participating merchants, including: Harmony Family Entertainment Center – 25% off on open …Read More


Renee Dubay is in the house!

KIX-92.1’s new nighttime DJ is Renee Dubay.  Tune-in and enjoy all your favorite country songs from 7 pm till 11 pm with Renee.


Joe Wade Formicola Moves to Afternoons!

KIX-92.1’s night guy, Joe Wade Formicola, has been promoted to afternoons!  Joe Wade’s witty humor makes the drive home a lot more fun.  Plus, Joe Wade plays a ton of great country music every hour.  Tune in and have more fun in the afternoon on KIX-92.1.


Check out the KIX Country Cafe!

KIX-92.1 opens up the “KIX Country Cafe” every weekday at Noon.  Rick Burton serves up a heapin’ helpin’ of great country during the lunch hour, Noon ’til 1 weekdays.  Would you like gravy with that?


Weekends Are Better!

Weekends are better on KIX-92.1.  While some country stations load up the weekends with ballgames, church services, and endless countdown shows, KIX-92.1 keeps playing all your favorite country tunes all weekend long.  How many different countdown shows are there on that other station?

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